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Knee High Baseball Pants

Knee High Baseball Pants

Round the bases this season with new knee high baseball pants. Knee high baseball pants are part of the new wave in baseball fashion. The actually are a throwback to old time baseball. Long baseball pants may seem like a traditional part of the game, but that is because they have become the norm over the past decades. Players in modern baseball like the look of the high socks meeting their pants at the knee line. So like that it a tribute to the origins of baseball.  Others just like the style. They say history will repeat itself. So, here you go. Knicker baseball pants are back. It's a more aerodynamic look and has been sweeping the nation over the years, some major league players have even adapted to this style. Its is becoming more prevalent in the Majors. So it's safe to say that more amatuer players will soon drop the traditional long baseball pants look and sport the more stylish socks. [product_tag tags="knee-high-baseball-pants"]

Why the Movement?

Baseball pants have typically stayed grey, white and black for the entirety of the game. Now with modern technology in sports, more colorful clothing and designs are available to players. Major league baseball is very strict about their uniforms but no specific rule has been stated about how they wear their pants. However, when superstars like Bryce Harper start to do anything out of the ordinary.  It becomes a trend. Thus we have seen a lot more calves the past few years. Of course this has trended to the minor levels and youth organizations. Players love the freedom of style, they can represent their team or choose from a wide variety of colors and designs that spark their liking. Knee high baseball pants offer more creativity to the game by allowing players to express themselves while still obeying uniform regulations. Outdated and a hassle to adjust, traditional baseball pants might be a thing of the past. Step out of traditional baseball pants and don't let your pants snag the bottom of your cleat mid game. The last thing you need is an accidental fall that costs your team the game. Or worse a fall that ends your season early. Not only do knee high baseball pants offer more creativity but they are much safer and fun to wear around.
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