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Kids Catcher Gear

If you've watched very many little league games, you can appreciate how often there is a problem with the kids catcher gear. Nothing inhibits a young ballplayer's ability to perform well than gear that doesn't do the job it's intended to do. This happens when the catchers helmet slide down over their eyes, or a chest protector drags on the ground when they try to run. Here are some suggestions to make sure your little backstop players get the most out of their kids catcher gear. [product_tag tags="kids-catcher-gear"]

Catchers Helmet

Old-fashioned catcher's masks are no longer recommended for younger players. In fact, most youth leagues mandate a full catcher's helmet. This is a piece of kids catcher gear that must fit properly. A poor fit compromises the ability of the catcher to play well,. It can also make the helmet unsafe. Easton, Mizuno, Rawlins, All Star, Wilson and Under Armor all manufacture high quality catcher's helmets. When you make your final choice, be sure the helmet has the NOCSAE seal. Without this seal of industry standard for protection, the helmet will not be legal.

Chest Protector

While injury from a poorly fitting chest protector is not as critical as a poor helmet, it can still be a safety problem. However, the most common problem with kids catcher gear is a chest protector that will stay secure. When the protector shifts around on their body, it compromises protection, but also makes it nearly impossible to play well. Easton and Mizuno produce the two most popular chest protectors for youth sizes. Easton has two different models and Mizuno has the well-known Samurai chest protector. The Samurai is the only model with wrap around padding to protect the entire mid-section. Look for a protector that has the cushion to absorb the impact, but has a buckle system that is quickly adjustable to fit securely. Again, a chest protector that does not fit securely soon becomes a hindrance to the ability of the young catcher to play with confidence.

Shin Guards

Similar to the helmet and chest protector, shin guards that do not fit properly inhibit a catcher's ability to play well. Leg guards need to have adjustable straps to make sure they stay tight on the young player's legs. Like the chest protector, the Mizuno Samurai model shin guards add an extra area of protection for the middle of the lower leg. Easton and Mizuno have color choices of kids catching gear which can match any team uniform. However, the Under Armor pro, arguably the best shin guard, comes only in standard black. The best gauge of a good pair of shin guards is full knee protection and a design that keeps them tightly snug on the catcher's leg.

Kids Catching Gear Fit is Crucial

Kids catcher gear needs to protect. To do this, it must fit securely and cover the parts of the body intended. When the kids catching gear doesn't do its job properly, the kids can't perform to the best of his or her ability. Young catchers need gear that fits securely and protects. Make sure the choice is a brand and model that values these two essential features.
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