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Heavy Training Bat

Heavy Training Bat

Get that explosive swing you've always wanted by practicing with a heavy training bat! For too long players have been warming up the wrong way, right before an at bat. Don't pick up a second bat in the on-deck box, or put on a donut to make the end heavier. Those techniques will mess up your form and ruin your swing. With one of these bats you won't need to adjust your swing, you'll just get stronger and more explosive. We have heavy training bats made by top tier manufacturers like, Rawlings, Akadema, Mizuno and Heavy swing bats. A heavy training bat is flat out awesome, it's a sure fire way to improve your hitting all year round. [product_tag tags="heavy-training-bat" orderby="popularity"]

Why use a heavy training bat?

To begin, heavy training bats are not just a tool for the older players. In fact using a heavy bat at a young age can drastically improve your skills, making you a top prospect. The uneven weight distribution of putting on a donut or adding another bat, is a terrible way to practice. Don't ruin your form, heavy training bats are balanced and a blast to use. Offered in metal or wood, you can get the best of both worlds without adding more undistributed weight. The bat itself weighs more that a typical bat its size, from the handle to the barrel. You can take a heavy training bat into the cages, just take some cuts with it or even bring it on the field for practice. But come game time, your regular bat will feel like a toothpick. Even if you don't realize it, you're working on your upper body, getting stronger and more efficient. It'll show in your bat speed, exit velocity and overall slugging power. A heavy training bat is your key to a successful season.
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