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Heart of the Hide 11.5

Heart of the Hide 11.5

In the game of baseball performing well in the field is very important. As the old saying goes defense wins championships. This is why it is important to purchaser yourself a top of the line baseball glove. When on the market for a baseball glove it is important to look at the brand the glove comes from, the size of the glove, and the series of the glove. Looking into these three things can help you narrow down your search in no time. Here is why you should consider purchasing a Heart of the Hide 11.5 inch glove. [product_tag tags="heart-of-the-hide-11-5" orderby="popularity"]

The Rawlings Brand:

When in conversation about the best brands in baseball it would be remiss not to mention Rawlings. Rawlings has been in business for over 100 years and they have remained at the top. They manufacture products so great that many pros choose to use Rawlings products out on the field. Some of these pros include Francisco Lindor, Manny Machado, and Mike Trout. These pros choose to use Rawlings simply because they believe Rawlings gives them the best chance to succeed on the field.

Heart of the Hide:

The Heart if the Hide series is no exception to the greatness of Rawlings. Heart of the Hide gloves combine steerhide leather with the Tennessee Tanning laces. This combination helps this glove last for many seasons. Also, these gloves are incredibly comfortable using a soft deer tanned cowhide plus lining.

11.5 inches:

11.5 inch gloves are ideal for the infield. The 11.5 inch frame is perfect for middle infielders and third baseman. This size allows ballplayers to release the ball with ease as well as have some size to retain the ball. An 11.5 inch glove should not be used in the outfield as the glove would be too small to make some catches that outfielders need to. Here on the Baseball Bargains website we have an ample amount of Heart of the Hide 11.5 inch baseball gloves available for purchase. So, improve your game and purchase yourself one of these great gloves today!
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