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First Baseman Glove

_x000D_ All baseball gloves have their differences, but no one is as unique as the First Basemans glove. First baseman gloves have gone through years and years of innovation to reach its design. The position of first base is one of the toughest positions in the game and the design of the glove represents that. First Baseman usually are power hitters and their defense can be overlooked. The quickness, the fineness, the knowledge that a first baseman needs is incomparable to any other position. This is why there are a great amount of differences between First Basemans gloves and normal gloves._x000D_ _x000D_ [product_tag tags="first-baseman-glove"]_x000D_

The Differences:

_x000D_ A normal glove has separated fingers on the outside.  First basemans gloves of course have separate finger compartments inside the glove, but they do not have them on the outside of the glove. Another main difference is the size. First basemans gloves are both larger and wider than a normal models. This size helps a first baseman scoop balls and catch erratically thrown balls. Lastly, a first baseman's glove has extra padding to help protect a player's hand, when an infielder guns the ball at them._x000D_ _x000D_ Ideally a first baseman is a lefty as well. This is because on a double play ball a lefty first baseman is already in position to throw to second base, rather than a right handed first baseman who will have to sift their feet and then throw to first. This isn't to say a righty can' play first, it is just more ideal for a lefty to._x000D_

Why You Need a First Basemans Glove:

_x000D_ Any competitive ballplayer who plays first base absolutely needs a first baseman glove. First baseman gloves not only will improve a player's performance it will improve a player's confidence. Wearing the same thing as the pros will help any ballplayers mental. If every first baseman in the MLB uses a first baseman's glove why should you be an exception. If you want to sport the same type of model as Miguel Cabrera, Lucas Duda, and Anthony Rizzo then you need to search the models on our website. today. So, check out our selection of first basemans gloves right here from Baseball Bargains!_x000D_ _x000D_
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