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Easton ZCore BBCOR

The Easton company leads competitors because they keep releasing gems like the Easton zcore bbcor baseball bat. It's no wonder they are an elite force in manufacturing sports equipment, a bat this advanced shatters expectations all across the board. Being in business for over a century has given Easton plenty of time to perfect its baseball bat production. What's so special about the easton zcore bbcor is its versatility and extended features. [product_tag tags="easton-zcore-bbcor" orderby="popularity"]


The easton zcore bbcor is a well assembled system of baseball carnage. To begin, the body of the zcore bats are made from specially designed, lightweight materials. I would say that the most important part of a baseball bats anatomy is its weight and balance. Basically why Easton's bats rest calmly in your hands as you wait for the pitch. For quick motions and accurate cuts, you'll be able to control your hitting better than ever. Even more so with the elongated sweet-spot on the zcore bats. One of the worst feelings in baseball, right next to losing a championship game, is the stinging from hitting a bad ball. The ball itself is not bad but where it hit your bat, is. The elongated sweet spot has dual perks, protection your hands from the sting and making it easier to crack a homer. Finally to complete this elite ensemble, the cushioning grip tape seals the deal. A good grip can go a long way, you'll get that just right feeling every time. And you can say "sayonara" to that ball. A good hit will always feel like a great one with an easton zcore bbcor bat. The best hitters will tell you that hitting is so effortless, all you need to do is have a natural swing and the bat will do the rest. The zcore bbcor makes it even easier to find that sweet-spot, and helps you become a great edition to the lineup.
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