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Easton Youth Baseball Bats

Easton Youth Baseball Bats sell out quickly. They do so because it is the top brand offering the most sought after product. Everyone wants to rake when they step into the batter's box. But if you don' have the best equipment suited for your specific talents, then you'll never be able to earn you edge you so deserve. With Easton's youth bats, you get that and then some. They offer youth bats in many different sizes, designs, and different materials, including composite and composite alloys. Find the right fit in terms of diameter and drop length to weight ratio, and you'll be rocketing balls to the fences in no time. You come to Easton's bat selection for more power, faster speed, enhanced acceleration, and a larger sweet spot. But you leave with the unexpected result -- a renewal of confidence that will send you on the fast track through the higher aged levels. [product_tag tags="easton-youth-baseball-bats" orderby="popularity"]

Specific Easton Bat Features - Mako Ghost Comparison:

Premier Easton bats like the MAKO Beast X and the GHOST X deploy Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) alloy and speed Engineering X Advanced Carbon Technology (EXACT) alloy for barrel enhancement and vibration reduction. The Easton Mako beast youth bats as well as the Ghost bat models are some of the most popular this year. Here are the features of the Mako youth bat and the ghost youth bat. Here is a good Mako Ghost bat comparison Additionally, they include: MAKO BEAST X
  • One-piece
  • fast swing weight
  • more power
  • X-tended barrel design
  • Trademarked, Dynamic Feel System
  • Two-piece Connexion technology for enhanced feel
  • X-tended barrel design
  • EXACT, cushion-heavy carbon handle
  • 1.4mm HYPERSKIN grip
The Ghost X and Easton Mako youth baseball bat models have long resumes of top of the line performance. In spite of these two bats having exceptional attributes to complete their resumes, they only represent a small fraction of the Easton youth bats to choose from. Many embody more of the same, but many others accomplish similar results in entirely different ways. And the only way to find out is to invest in an Easton youth bat today. You can't go wrong with either of the Easton Mako youth bat and Easton Ghost models.  So buy an Easton Ghost or Easton Mako youth baseball bat now and you will not regret it later! Both the Easton Ghost and the Easton Mako Beast youth bats will be seen in the hands of the best players this season.
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