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Easton Softball Helmets

Easton Softball Helmets

Easton softball helmets are top of the line protective gear for fastpitch softball players. These helmets protect softball players from errant pitches and thrown balls. To ensure safety of those who wear the Easton softball helmets, these helmets are made with the best features. The helmets have the following properties: [product_tag tags="easton-softball-helmets"]

Adequate Air Ventilation

Spring and summer seasons are usually hot seasons. Hence, softball players temperatures rise when playing in the hot sun. The helmets have enough ventilation slots in the shell to offer players enough room for air to  circulate.

Secure Fit

Easton softball helmets use padding throughout the interior of the helmet.  This padding helps with protection and fit.  The foam provides a snug fit to the  players head.  It also absorbs the impact when a ball strikes the helmet.

Extra protection

Easton softball helmets come with a face mask. These metal cages provide extra protection for the face. A ball hitting an unprotected face can cause serious and expensive damage.  The face guard allows for clear vision and also provides the hitter with a sense  of security.  They know they will be unharmed if a pitch should hit them in the face area. So, hitters stand in the batters box with more confidence.

NOCSAE stamp

Easton softball helmets have NOSCAE stamp which makes the helmet considered legal in just about every league. To acquire a NOCSAE stamp, the helmet and mask undergo a  series of tests.  As a result, these tests certify that the Easton softball helmets provide the necessary protection against pitches thrown at high velocities. So, do not use any helmet unless you see the NOCSAE stamp. In summary, Easton softball helmets provide fastpitch softball players full protection. Make sure to check out all of the Easton softball helmet options before your next helmet purchase. Let the experts at Baseball Bargains assist you in finding the model, size and color you are looking for.
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