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Easton Mako Chest Protector

Easton Mako Chest Protector

The Easton Mako chest protector is an important piece of baseball gear. It's purpose is to protect catchers from serious injury. Sitting directly behind home plate, the catcher plays a vital role in seeing the entire field and calling pitches. As the most important defensive player on the diamond, the catcher is at risk of injury during every play. Therefore, a catcher must use the proper gear to protect against errant balls, flying bats, and base collisions. Otherwise, an injury is sure to occur. [product_tag tags="easton-mako-chest-protector"]

Mako Gear Set

A catcher's gear set includes the necessary helmet and mask, leg guards, catchers mitt, and a chest protector. Ideal chest protectors are durable and sturdy yet flexible enough to ensure for a full range of motion within the position. Chest protectors should also guard the heart, ribs, and stomach against injury. The Easton Mako chest protector is a leader in the market of gear designed to protect the catcher. This chest protector must protect while still allowing the catcher to move naturally. Therefore, you will be safe while you play your best.

Easton Mako Chest Protector Features

The Easton Mako chest protector also features side wedges designed to expand and contract to absorb impact. The dual clips allow for a custom fit. They also allow for quick removal of the gear. The moisture wicking lining draws sweat away from the athlete, thus allowing for more comfort. A removable groin protector helps to protect this area of the body. The first chest protector was engineered in the late 1880s by the wife of Detroit catcher Charles Bennett. Up until this point, catchers played without these visible protectors. There were a large number of injuries in the early days. The Easton Mako chest protector is from Easton Sports, Inc. Located in California, Easton is a leader in baseball and softball gear and equipment. The Easton Mako product line is the top of the line gear from Easton. So, check them out today.
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