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Easton Knicker Baseball Pants

Easton Knicker Baseball Pants are the new look in the game of baseball. Players every where, including the MLB, are wearing high socks and stirrups. Stirrups are a classic look and bring back one of the main images of baseball. Everyday you will see players on local fields wearing stirrups and high socks. Also, on a lot of day games you will see players like Bryce Harper and Jose Reyes wearing high socks and such. They are the hottest look in baseball and the best young players are wearing them. To accommodate this new look, Easton is producing the knicker pants. Knicker pants are baseball pants that are short on the legs to go just beneath your knees but has the regular waist size. Also, the leg width is normal, it is just the legs that are shorter. Every player looking for flash should check these pants out. CLICK HERE to see the full Collection of Easton Knicker Baseball Pants!


Easton is one of baseballs top manufacturers. They have found a lot of success in the bat industry and have become an all around company. If there is any product or series that comes out, Easton most likely has some involvement in it. They have really become an all around company. Easton adds a lot of features to these pants so that they accommodate everybody and make them as comfortable as possible. As all knicker pants do, they have the elastic cuff at the bottom so they can be stopped at a certain point. When you raise them up your leg, you need the elastic to grip your leg or sock and hold up. Also, they have a double metal snap to keep your pockets closed. If you have something you need to hit and you are in the field, you don't want it to fall out and lose it.

Knicker Pants

When it comes to knicker pants, they are a great style. It is one of baseballs oldest looks and is coming back to become one of baseballs newest looks. Also, you can do another look with knicker pants called tweeners. Tweeners are where you wear stirrups but have the pants down your leg. It only shows the bottom of the stirrups and was very popular in the 70's and the 80's. It is another one of baseballs classic looks that is coming back today with the flashiest young players. As you will see, many players looking to add some flash to their game will wear knicker pants. These players often tend to be the best on the field.

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