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Easton Helmets

Easton Helmets are a great way to protect yourself at the plate. When you have a good helmet you get that extra boost of confidence as you know you are in good protection. Any extra boost of confidence can lead to a hit as hitting is just as much mental as it is physical. Easton helmets are great because of their ABS protective plastic they have in every helmet. This shell is on the inner part of the helmet and is a highly protective line of protection. This shell can withstand a ton of pressure and protect the precious heads inside. Even in their youth models they have this shell in order to protect its players. They want to look out for their buyers because they want them to stay safe. And when buyers stay safe, they become repeated customers. It would be a very smart choice to trust Easton. [product_tag tags="easton-helmets" orderby="popularity"]


The Senior Easton Helmets are a step above  the junior size. The senior models have to account for harder pitching and balls coming in a lot faster. So, they do have extra protection on the senior helmets than what they have on the junior size models. The senior helmets are in the range of hat size from 6 7/8 to 7 5/8. This is important to note as you are able to order a  helmet online rather than going to the store and try it on. The senior helmets are NOCSAE approved and are legal in all leagues. These  will protect you from anything. Along with the cage coming on the helmets or the clips on the helmet that you can place one on, you have total protection. The cage protects your face from getting hit by a ball. So, if you have that fear, buy one.


The junior helmets are for the younger players still looking to buy Easton quality. Easton sizes for the juniors are hat sizes 6 3/8 to 7 1/8. These sizes are important to note as if you know your hat size you can purchase a helmet for the same size online. The junior models are lighter because they don't need as much protection as a senior helmet does. The junior helmet doesn't have to handle a 90 mph fastball like a senior one does. Also, they need to be lighter as much smaller kids are using them and don't have the neck strength to support more weight. The junior helmet still has the ABS shock absorption shell on the inner part of the helmet.
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