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Easton Catchers Bag

Easton Catchers Bag

If you need a bag to carry all of your catching equipment, then try an Easton catchers bag. Playing catcher is a great position, but it requires you to carry a lot of equipment to and from the field. You need a mask, chest protector, shin protectors, and various other types of specialized gear. That doesn't even factor in all the regular equipment like bats, balls, helmet and batting gloves. An Easton catchers bag is perfect for organizing and carrying all of that gear to your next game. [product_tag tags="easton-catchers-bag"]

Easton Equipment Bag Durability

Easton is the number one brand in baseball and softball equipment. Not only is their equipment stylish, but it is also durable and functional. The Easton catchers bag is made of high-quality polyester, so it will hold up under the most strenuous conditions. The bag even has a full bottom rail that is there to increase the structural strength of the bag. There are lockable zippers to keep your equipment nice and safe. The Easton catchers bag also has vented pockets to allow your equipment to dry faster, which minimize odors.

Easton Catchers Gear Bag

Another neat feature of these Easton catchers bags is that it comes with a fence hook. This allows you to hook the bag on a chain link fence so you can access your equipment easier when it is time to play. Easton catchers gear bag models also has lots of room. You can fit tons of equipment in it, including multiple bats. You don't have to be a catcher to like this Easton catchers gear bag. It is a great choice for other position players who have a lot of equipment, and it is also a nice choice for coaches. Finally, if you are going to carry all that equipment, then you need sturdy handles. This EAston catchers gear bag comes with dual carry handles made out of strong material to help you tote your stuff to the ballpark and back. For the ultimate choice in carrying baseball and softball equipment, choose the Easton catchers bag. It's the best combination of style, form, and function among all catchers bags.
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