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Easton Big Barrel Baseball Bats

It's time to become a super slugger, easton big barrel bats are running the diamond this season. The easton company has been dropping bombs lately with its insane line of big barrel bats. One of the first to experiment with aluminum back in the early 1990's, they set the bar for metal baseball bats. Aluminum bats were popular in the 1970's but easton found a way to reduce vibrations making a better sweet spot. By separating the barrel from the handle, this two piece system works to reduce vibrations to players hands. Easton has since incorporated similar technology into its currents bats, always on the look out for player safety while maximizing productivity. [product_tag tags="easton-big-barrel" orderby="popularity"]

Easton Big Barrel

Intimidate the defense with a brand new easton big barrel baseball bat. As soon as they see you lugging that thing to the box, they'll take a few steps back. The radius on these bats go up to a whopping 2 5/8", releasing raw explosive power from its core. It's amazing how little you feel when you get a solid clean hit on the sweat spot. Sometimes players don't even realize they hit the ball because its almost effortless with a big barrel. Now all that power is a product of your swing, but the pop off the bat results from the ultra light metal body. Typically a variation of aluminum alloy, these bats are strong, lightweight and give you a crazy amount of pop. The unit called BPF or Bat Performance factor, measures the pop off a bat. The BPF in big barrels give you that extra oomph off the swing, sending the defense running scared. You'll be shocked once you come into baseball bargains and actually lift up one of these bats. You'll wonder how it could be legal to have a bat that large and be able to take cuts like it was a tee-ball bat. So be a super slugger this season with an all new easton big barrel bat.
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