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Easton Baseball Bags

Easton Baseball Bags

You will see Easton Baseball Bags more than any other bag at the diamond. These bags offer some great features, and look awesome as well. They have some cool designs, and have many colorways to offer as well. Easton bags can come in a Bat Pack or a wheeled bag as well. The Bat Packs look like a back pack, but carry your gear and bats. These easton baseball bags have whats called a glove protector. The glove protector is an awesome feature that allows for your glove to be safe in your bag at all times. The glove protector is typically at the bottom of Bat Packs, and protects your glove from damage. Nothing would be worse than to get you glove to the shape and mold you want, then to be crushed in your bag. The glove protector avoids that situation by putting a shield-like protector around the glove. [product_tag tags="easton-baseball-bags"]

Bat Packs

Bat Packs are the most convenient way to carry your stuff. The bat packs are great for players of all positions, except catchers. I've tried to stuff catchers gear in a bat pack, and it just doesn't work out. They may not fit catchers gear, but they do have a lot of room for multiple gloves, helmets and anything else you need to play. Most bat packs offer two bat holders on the side, but some offer four. Easton Bat Packs are great because they have them in many colors to match your team, and feature the glove protector previously mentioned. Nothing is more annoying than getting shoulder pains after a game in the heat from carrying your bag. The bat packs distribute the weight evenly between your two shoulders, making it fell light. I always preferred Bat Packs.

Wheeled Bags

Wheeled bags are still a great option for any player with a plethora of gear. These bags are great for any player that has a lot of bats as well. These easton baseball bags have a huge area for bats underneath, and you can fit about four to five bats in them. It is great for catchers as you don't put the strain on your shoulder after a long game. You can easily wheel the bag back to the parking lot. Many of these bags have very protective areas for gloves and valuables as well. They all have small pockets for phones, and any other electronics or jewelry You won't have to worry about anyone stepping on your bag, or it being dropped too hard. The bag will protect your things. Also, damage to gloves is rare as the bags have a lot of space. From the Easton baseball duffel bag to the E900G team bag, we have every type of bag you need. So, check out all of the models of Easton equipment bags. You will be sure to find a model to suit all of your needs.
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