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Dustin Pedroia Glove

One of the most popular baseball glove models is the Dustin Pedroia Glove. Dustin Pedroia is currently the 2nd baseman for the Red Sox. Pedroia has been an All Star 4 times. In addition he has received a Silver Slugger trophy and been named MVP for the American League. He even has a baseball bat named after him. In 2004 Dustin started his professional career with the Boston Red Sox. Pedroia made an immediate impact with his Dustin Pedroia glove and baseball bat. As a full fledged member of the Sox in 2007 he won the American League Rookie of the Year Award. Pedroia also won two championship rings with the Boston Red Sox in 2007 as well as 2013. He remains on the team to this day. He has a contract with them until the end of the 2020-2021 season. CLICK HERE to see the full Collection of Dustin Pedroia Glove Models!

A2K DP15 Infield Glove:

Dustin's strength comes from his prowess in hitting- he has a great deal of power in his baseball bat and has a very low strike out rating. The Dustin Pedroia glove is also famous for being outstanding at second base defense- with his statistics coming in significantly higher than his peers. Pedroia hails from Woodland, CA originally. He comes from modest means- his family owned a tire shop in Woodland and had to work often. His siblings are also talented athletes- with his brother Brett playing baseball at Shasta while his sister Debbie was a tennis star at Sacramento City College. None of them match up to Dustin Pedroia as a player however. After high school Dustin attended ASU (Arizona State University) where he continued his athletic career. He joined Sun Devils- the ASU baseball team- where Dustin Pedroia got another chance to shine. Initially, he went after the shortstop position but ended up playing second base later. He maintained a hitting average above .348 for his entire college career and was studied heavily by numerous major league scouts. One move, in particular, was impressive. He ended up giving away his scholarship so that his team could recruit more effective and talented players.

Dustin Pedroia A2000

Since he hit the Majors, he has been flashing his MVP talents year after year. Wilson has been making A Dustin Pedroia glove model for almost a decade. Working with the Major Leaguer, Wilson designs a new Dustin Pedroia glove model every year. They have even come out with multiple models the past few years in the A2K and A2000 series. The Dustin Pedroia A2000 models offer several color schemes. However, the all have the Pedroia fit. This is a more narrow hand opening and smaller finger stalls. This provides the player with a more snug fit. Thus, the Dustin Pedroia glove models are ideal for teenage travel players and players with slightly smaller hands.

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