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Drop 5 Bats

Drop 5 Bats

Stop stressing over your old bat, drop 5 bats are sure fire way to kick off the season right. What makes the -5 weight drop so intriguing is that you get a dense bat that isn't over balanced by the barrel. Many companies that produce some of the best bats love making drop 5 bats because of their underlying popularity. i'm sure you've heard of Marucci, Easton, Mizuno and Louisville Slugger, well these are some of the brands that make our drop 5 bats. When you buy a bat from us, you get the hard work and expertise of centuries worth of knowledge. [product_tag tags="drop-5-bats" orderby="popularity"]

What's in store

What First and foremost, the drop 5 aspect of the bat can be a bit confusing. So to put it plainly, when a bat has a drop weight it refers to its length to weight ratio. For example, if a bat is 30 inches long and weighs 25 ounces then it is a drop 5 bat. As the number gets higher, the lighter the bat will be, with less material per inch of bat. If you're in the core 4 of your line up and have a knack for hitting homers, this is a bat for you. With more weight per inch than most other drop weight bats, it'll pack a huge punch when you make contact. All of that extra material is converted into more energy upon the swing, rocking that ball out of the park. Even with their abundance of power and material behind the ball, they're surprisingly balanced. Balance, length, weight and grip are the core four factors of selecting a bat. While the bat may be a hitting machine, it can still be uncomfortable to swing. You might as well be holding a cactus if you don't find it easy to hold your bat over your head. Make sure you get a bat with a good grip and feel before you take your drop 5 bat home. So before you buy a new bat, come to baseball bargains and we'll make sure you get the right one. We want everyone to be the best athlete they can be, and that means getting the right gear.
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