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Drop 5 Baseball Bats

Drop 5 Baseball Bats

When purchasing a bat there are many factors to consider. Some of these factors include the brand the bat comes from and the drop weight. Both of these factors can help you narrow down your search for a bat. The drop weight of a bat differs based on the age you are playing and league you are playing in. Here is who should be using drop 5 baseball bats. [product_tag tags="drop-5-baseball-bats" orderby="popularity"]

Drop 5:

The drop weight of a bat is the length of the bat minus the weight of the bat. So a drop 5 bats length is 5 more than the weight in their respective units. Drop 5 bats are usually used by players that are at an age of transition. This is the step before swinging a drop 3 which is used at the highest levels of the game. Drop 5 bats are great for ballplayers in their early teens. It is important to make sure that a drop 5 bat is good for use in the league you play in. Most leagues for kids in their teenage years should accept a drop 5, but it is always important to make sure.


Mizuno Maxcor Big Barrel Baseball Bat (-5): Priced at $399.95. This bat uses a HotMetal Alloy core to increase the exit velocity of balls hit. Also, Mizuno’s black onyx carbon material significantly minimizes vibration and reduces strain. This is a great bat for highly competitive ballplayers. 

Easton Ghost X SL18GX58 USSSA Drop 5 Big Barrel Baseball Bat: Priced at $349.95. With an an X-tended barrel this bat produces many hart hit balls. Also, a cushioned HYPERSKIN grip provides ballplayers with maximum comfort and it helps reduce vibration. This is also a great bat for a competitive ballplayer.

Here on the Baseball Bargains website we have many drop 5 baseball bats available for purchase. So, purchase yourself one today!
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