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DeMarini Voodoo

DeMarini Voodoo Bat

The DeMarini Voodoo bat models are one of the best baseball bat lines that has ever hit the market. This dates back to when BBCOR became the rule for high school. The company has become a household name as a result of the great performance of these Demarini BBCOR bats. These Demarini BBCOR bats use a composite handle with an alloy barrel . They are typically a two piece bat and has a massive sweet spot. The barrel is extended so the sweet spot is extended on the Voodoo bat. These Demarini bats have been their most popular model over the last couple of years.

Demarini Voodoo Overlord  - The Start of Greatness

There are several new models that owe their success to the Demarini Voodoo Overlord and the Demarini Voodoo Raw models.  The most recent models are the Voodoo Balanced, the Voodoo Insane which is an end loaded model for power hitter. They also have a one piece alloy bat called the Demarini Voodoo One. With the exception of the Insane model, all of the other Demarini Voodoo BBCOR models in this series tend to have a balanced swing weight. So, you will be able to get the barrel through the hitting zone quicker.

Demarini Bats

Demarini bats offer a wide variety of options. The Insane is more top heavy. With a top heavy bat,  you can square the ball up easier and hit the ball farther and harder. This is a great feature for all  hitters. Thus,  if you are already a power hitter, this will only increase the distance. If you aren't a power threat, this Demarini Voodoo BBCOR bat will allow you to hit the ball farther as well, making you a power threat. The youth bat is extemely popular due to the fact that it is a drop 13 bat.  Therefore it is the lightest bat on the market.  There are several other drop 13 bats out there, but the Demarini bat is head and shoulders above in the quality of it's construction.  Bat speed and pop are the result of using this Demarini Voodoo bat over it's competition. Therefore, success at the plate is waiting for you when you step up with one of these top of the line Demarini bats.

Demarini Voodoo Rebirth

The Demarini Voodoo backpack has been one of the more popular models for several years now.  The Demarini paradox was the first version that took the maket by storm.  The Paradox follow up is the Demarini Rebirth model. It is available in a large number of colors including some of the more obscure ones like orange, maroon, purple, and green.  These unique colors make the bag even more popular with teams that use these colors in their uniforms. So, be sure to check out this series selection on our website.
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