Demarini Helmet

DeMarini Helmet

A DeMarini Helmet is a great way to stay safe out on the field. It has protection covering your entire head and even offer cages to protect your face. DeMarini has been around the game of baseball for a long time and knows what it takes to make great equipment. Also, they have a long history in helmets as they have been manufacturing helmets form the start. But, besides the protection they also have some great designs they bring to the table. They offer sleek designs and have helmets that match any team colors. So, if you were hesitant on buying a DeMarini helmet, stop waiting and buy yours today. Like previously mention, they offer top of the line protection and have colors that will match any team. Also, the structural design is perfect as it looks great on the field. There is no reason to not buy DeMarini Helmet. [product_tag tags="demarini-helmet"]

Reasons For Differences

DeMarini creates different helmets for the different games. They make helmets for baseball and softball. A couple of reasons as to why they do this is because of the size of the ball. They make the vision a slightly bit smaller on baseball helmets so there is no chance the ball can get through on you side view. They make it bigger on softball because there is no way the ball is getting through and the batter needs to see the whole ball. Also, softball players wear cages because of how close the pitchers get and you need all the vision you can get. And, girls heads typically are smaller in circumference so they need a helmet that protects them better. A more snug feel. A loose helmet can be disastrous as it can allow more shock to hit your head and blind you while running.


One of the best baseball helmets is the DeMarini Protege. The Protege is a two tone helmet and comes in many colors to fit your team colors. This helmets features Special Dual Density Padding which is now the new standard of helmet protection and comfort. This padding will be able to handle forces that would kill you. And, not only can they handle them but there is a very good chance you avoid a concussion. The strategic ventilation system is one way they allow players to stay cool on a hot summer day. This is a great idea as heat can get trapped in the helmet and cause headaches and dizziness.


One of the best softball helmets we have on our site is the Paradox. Besides having every color that teams typically are, this helmet is able to protect players like none other. They feature the same great padding as the baseball helmet does and has a great cage to protect your face. The cage is a huge part of the helmets safety as it has to stay connected to the helmet and handle the shock from the ball. If it can't do that, it will hurt your entire head if a ball hits you. So, their great face masks and designs on these helmets are the reason DeMarini has become so successful in the helmet game. So purchase your Demarini Helmet today.