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DeMarini CF Series

DeMarini has continued to make new bats as a part of their legendary CF series. Originally came the CF3 which was a hit bat and the DeMarini CF Series has ultimately gained popularity since then. This is likely due to the 2011 version of the CF4. This is because it had an immense amount of pop and was likely the reason for the series to gain the fame that it has. The Little League world was filled with this CF4 as if it was the only bat on the market. This held true throughout all different leagues across the nation and the world. Since then, the series has become even more popular with players all over the world opting for the new CF Zen. [product_tag tags="demarini-cf-series" orderby="popularity"]


The bats have generally kept the same look over the years which is a great marketing move for DeMarini. This is because if customers enjoy your product, why change it? The correct answer is don't. DeMarini has done this and it has greatly benefited their company.  The CF series continually uses its design of a composite bat that forms into each other. They do this instead having a 2 piece design. This design creates a bat that feels light yet provides a powerful swing like a bat for power hitters that seems heavier. This is probably why the series is so prominent in the market today.

Continued Success

Besides marketing right, DeMarini gives customers an excellent product year in and year out. Each year they make improvements on their new CF bat from the year prior. On the DeMarini CF Zen, the company uses new features to improve their already great bat. The new features on the bat are its paraflex composite material that is 22% stronger than regular composite material, and its precise weight distribution. The weight distribution is something that is always good on the CF bats, but the improvements on this year's model have not been there before. The paraflex composite makes the bat more durable. This means that players will be able to get more use out of their bat which is key.  Overall, its new features make it even better than prior models. They are a great company that continues to produce high quality equipment every year. This is most evident in their Demarini CF series. This is because they continually have a bat in the top ratings every year. So, clearly customers are happy with the products that they receive year in and year out. The DeMarinin CF Series is one of the most iconic lines in the baseball world, and there is no sign of any stopping. By continuing to produce a new CF bat every year DeMarini will stay a top of selling boards among other companies.
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