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Coaches Bucket

Coaches Bucket

A coaches bucket for baseball and softball is an absolute must buy item this season. The buckets have enough space to hold dozens of balls, and are super durable. The plastics used to compose each bucket are tough enough to take a hit from a line drive dead on. With a tough snap-on lid, it'll also make for a comfy seat. Ideal for bringing out to the mound for some open field batting practice. Coaches love using these high strength buckets because they make for the best seats in the house when your trying to get a better look at your players. Undoubtedly, it'll be your best friend through any practice and help improve the team. [product_tag tags="coaches-bucket" orderby="popularity"]

Play it smart with a coaches bucket

Standing all day in the field can get pretty weary on the legs and feet. And the last thing you need is your coach throwing foul throws at your head because the lower half of his body is cramping up. So rest easy and take a breather while the players are running drills. The portability of the coaches bucket is what makes it so dangerous. Instead of sitting back in the dugout, coach can see if anyone is slacking off from the comfort of the outfield on his new coaches bucket. Even with a fully stocked bucket, the handle makes for easy movement so you don't strain yourself. After all, these buckets can get pretty hefty when filled to the brim. As much as coaches would love this bucket, players can use it too. At some point you'e going to be sitting on that bucket, under handing balls to your teammate. A classic batting practice technique right before game time. It's always good to get a few cuts in right before a game so make it easier on yourself. Perching yourself gives you stability, granting better tosses right in your teammates wheelhouse.  So what are you waiting for? Come to baseball bargains at pick out your brand new coaches bucket!
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