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Cheap Wood Bats

Cheap Wood Bats

When you are starting up a local Little League team, you might want to purchase a bunch of cheap wood bats. These will have different lengths, weights, materials and advantages. Having a variety of cheap wood bats can get you going quickly. Generally, young players are less likely to break bats with their powerful hits. The Major League Baseball (MLB) players are more likely to have splintered bats, so they will need many more. Baseball players also tend to be very superstitious. When they have a good hitting streak going, they will want to wear the same socks, shirts and use the same bat. The best players will have their own private bats. They won't want to share. They know how they feel and what they can deliver. You will also notice that baseball players have different skills. Some are good at bunting. Others are better at singles or doubles. And, some baseball players aim to hit a home run, every time at bat. The primary woods used for cheap wood bats are ash, birch, maple, hickory and bamboo. Most cheap wood bats are made of soft ash. The next step up is maple, birch or hickory. MAple is the most popular wood for Major League Baseball bats. The bamboo bat is not authorized for use in the MLB, but you can usually see them over in Asia. Mizuno is making cheap wood bats made of bamboo. [product_tag tags="cheap-wood-bats" orderby="popularity"]

Cheap Wood Baseball Bats - You Get What you Pay For

When you buy cheap wood baseball bats, you are not necessarily expecting to reach the top performance guidelines. One of these rating criteria is moment of inertia (MOI). This is used in many sports, including baseball, football and golf. What it means is the amount of force that a baseball bat can exert on the ball when it contacts it. Of course, you want to optimize your MOI to get a lot of home runs. There are light, intermediate and heavy swing weight ranges for cheap wooden bats. Some bats are end-loaded. Different teams prefer different bats, like the Georgia Tech, Tulane and Virginia college teams; they prefer Rawlings baseball bats. Of course, with cheap bats, you just want to get people out on the field and have them enjoy themselves. So, check our site for opportunities to get wooden bats cheap. Eventually, during batting practice, you can teach the players how to optimize bat speed, power and control. You might be able to identify players who are better at making contact and those who have more power. Have some fun with America's favorite pastime: baseball.
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