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Catchers Shin Guards

Catchers Shin Guards

Catchers Shin Guards are a vital aspect to any catchers game and safety. They take the biggest beating while practicing or in the game, so it is important to get high quality baseball shin guards. When you don't get good ones, they start to scratch and dent easily. As a catcher for many years, I have noticed that baseball shin guards are the first part of the set that always need to be replaced. So, it is important to buy high end ones from the start so you aren't buying new ones every season. Not to mention, the higher end ones will protect you better and most likely be better on your knees. While catching, you have to block a lot, and a lot of foul balls go off your shin guards. So, you want the protection. Also, you want baseball shin guards with extra knee padding to support your knees while squatting. [product_tag tags="catchers-shin-guards" orderby="popularity"]

All Star Professional Series Baseball  Catcher Shin Guards

The All Star Professional series is a great way to elevate your game behind the plate. These catchers shin guards have a ton of great features, and are very durable. They will let your legs be able to last a double header and these guards will last you many seasons. Not only are they durable, but they are very flexible as well. They will be able to move in any which direction your leg has to move. Also, they use a specific foam that is very breathable. This is a huge aspect to baseball catcher shin guards as it gets crazy hot in catchers gear, but when you have gear that releases that heat, it helps out a out. What makes these special is the inner knee protection. All Star, as a leading catching company, know knees get tired. So, they have a triple padding knee design and a gel relaxer for patellas. These are considered the best catcher shin guards on the market by many professional and collegiate catchers.

Under Armour Pro

Under Armour and All Star are very similar in manufacturing catching equipment. In there Pro catchers shin guards they have the triple knee padding design and the patella gel system. To reiterate, the triple knee padding aides your knees as you have to constantly squat and explode up. Also, the patella gel design aides the knees and absorbs impact. The gel is a absorbing substance and it blocks out all the shock coming your way when the ball hits you. These are great qualities in catchers shin guards. These catcher shin guards are also very comfortable. Under Armour prides themselves in making high quality gear. And, when you want to make the best, they have to offer comfort as well. You find that here. The padding on the inside is very breathable and snug on your legs. Overall, these are a great pair of baseball shin guards.
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