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Catchers Gear Bag

Catchers Gear Bag

There are many things that you need to look out for when you are buying a catchers gear bag. Not only do you have to find a bag that has a good amount of space, but one that has pockets and room for all your accessories. A lot of the top baseball and softball companies make these bags, and do a great job with it. A lot of them make these bags with wheels so it makes it easier for the player. When a bag has wheels on them, you don't have to put the stress of all that weight on your shoulder. As all catchers know, the weight of your gear plus bats and other equipment adds up fast. The wheels on these bags make it a lot easier to move your gear to and from games. All catchers should consider buying one of the catchers gear bags with wheels on them. [product_tag tags="catchers-gear-bag"]

Easton 610W

The Easton 610W is a great bag for all catchers. This bag does have wheels, and features a ton of space. You will be able to put all your catchers gear in here and still fit a batting helmet. Also, if you have a couple of gloves because you play other positions, there is room for that as well. On top of all of the room, there are protective pockets on this bag so you ca hide your valuables. You can protect your phone and any jewelry you have. These catchers gear bags have a great lining and are made out of a tough, flexible material. This is great news for buyers as you won't have to spend money on a new bag every season. Bags can be expensive so if you can buy one and be done, that is ideal. Lastly, this bag has a ton of bat space.

Mizuno Samurai

The Mizuno Samurai  catchers gear bag has one of the best designs for a catchers bag. This bag features a ton of space in a sleek-looking design and has different compartments so you can keep your gear in order. This bag gives you the ability to carry all your catching equipment, you hitting equipment, and your fielding gear. Also, you won't have to worry about losing accessories like EvoShields and sunglasses, because they have pockets for all of this. To top it off, these catchers gear bag has a spot for cleats. So, when you play in a tournament and have to carry different styles of cleats, you have a spot to keep them without getting dirt everywhere. The only downsize is it carry's two bats but I'm sure you can fit more than two in this bag.
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