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Catcher Bags

Catcher Bags

Not all equipment bags work as catcher bags. Have you ever tried to use a regular backpack or duffel bag for all of your catcher gear? It probably didn't work too well, did it? Why don't you upgrade to one of the many full-sized catcher bags? You will have room for your catcher mask, glove, knee pads, chest pads, cleats, balls and baseball bats. Now, you won't need to have your little brother carry extra bags loaded up with all your baseball gear. Of course, most regular bags do not have enough space for even one baseball bat, let alone two. But, if you want to play a game after school, then you will need to be well-stocked. What if your sole baseball bat breaks? Are you going to use duct tape to keep it together? Probably not. You don't need to leave that extra baseball bat at home when you have catcher bags. There are a couple of models to choose from. However, new this year is the Easton baseball catcher backpack that fills a want that catchers have been asking for for years. The E610BP catcher backpack is available on our website.

Baseball Catcher Bag

The most basic catcher bags will have two large handles for you to carry them around. The smaller catcher bags might have space for two baseball bats. That's it. If you want to toss these big duffel bags on your back, you can and use those handles as backpack supports. Unfortunately, all of your catcher gear can tend to be quite heavy. Think about the face mask, baseball bats, cleats and pads. They also take up a lot of space. That is why some catchers will upgrade to the more advanced baseball catcher bag - wheeled bags. [product_tag tags="catcher-bags"]

Wheeled Bags

The top catcher bags are wheeled, just like you see for those airline travel bags. While you might be able to lift all of your gear for a short period of time, you might throw out your back, if you try to carry it for a long duration. The wheeled catcher bags have plenty of space, they might allow you to carry up to four bats. Once you pack everything inside, you can just set it upright and the wheels will bear the weight. Catchers have a lot of gear because they must protect themselves from every single pitch. Instead of throwing out your back or ripping up another backpack, you might as well as save up your funds for a high-quality catcher bag. Then, you will be full of energy when you reach the ball park. A good wheeled catcher bag equips you to succeed on the baseball diamond.
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