Brandon Phillips A2K

Brandon Phillips A2K by Wilson

Wilson has made some great bonds with major league players, one in particular is with the Brandon Phillips A2K glove. It's imperative that you don't choose a glove just based off it's looks, but also who it comes from. Where a glove is manufactured can tell you a lot about how it's made and how it'll serve you for the following seasons. Easily comparable with its well known a2000 partner, the Wilson a2k is a top tier competitor. Guys like Brandon Phillips are some of the best defensive players to ever take the diamond, and here's why. Wilson meticulously designs his signature the glove, the DatDude A2K. [product_tag tags="brandon-phillips-a2k" orderby="popularity"]

Brandon Phillips A2K Baseball Glove - The DatDude A2K

The Wlson designed Brandon Phillips a2k has a very striking appearance and is just as effective. Contrasting red and black leather gives that dominant feel and is easy to see. There are too many times where bad calls are made because a tan leather glove blends in with the cloud of dust. The red pocket acts like a bulls eye, clearly marking the tag on a sliding runner. In addition, you'll keep seeing that red for quite a while. It'll take a while for the pro-stock leather of the Brandon Phillips a2k glove to wear down. Due to the treatment it gets in production, you won't have to worry about wear and tear for a very long time. So the Datdude A2K will be in your bag for many years to come. It's about time to get serious about your baseball career. When you buy a Brandon Phillips a2k glove by Wilson, you're getting a century of baseball experience and care in a glove designed for the pros. The H-type pocket is one of the sturdiest structures for an baseball glove. Preferred by Phillips because at second base, you have little time to react to a hard hit off the bat. The sturdy structure keeps the ball controlled and easy to transfer. A great tool for any elite competitor, the Datdude A2K is a smart choice. You should seriously consider purchasing one of these gloves today at Baseball Bargains.