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Blue Baseball Glove

There are many factors to consider when choosing a baseball glove. One of these factors is the look and design of the glove. Many brands have a wide variety of different gloves to choose from as far as designed is concerned. One of the most popular colors people want for their glove is blue. A Blue baseball glove looks great on the field and there are many benefits of wearing such a color. Some of these benefits include deception, looking like the pros, and also there is so many great blue gloves. Here is why you need a blue baseball glove. [product_tag tags="blue-baseball-glove"]


This benefit of the blue glove is incredibly beneficial for pitchers. The reason pitchers can not use a glove of many colors is because certain colors distract hitters too much. One color a pitcher can use for their glove is blue. Now blue may not be as deceptive as a white glove (banned color for pitchers), but blue can definitely catch the eye of a hitter. Just a split second of distraction can help a pitcher dominate. Use a blue glove and start striking more batters out!

MLB Players:

Another reason to get yourself a blue baseball glove is to look like the pros. Pros love the flashy style of a blue glove and also many younger ballplayers feel the same. Some ballplayers to use blue gloves in the past are Pedro Martinez, Sammy Sosa, Jose Bautista, and also Johnny Cueto. If you want to look like these ballplayers on the field  you need to get a blue glove.

Great Blue Gloves:

Mizuno MVP Prime SE GMVP1277PSE5 12.75: This glove has a great Blue/Red design, making it one of the best looking gloves on the market. This glove has professional style bio soft leather, ensuring the glove is durable and will have a great feel.

Akadema Torino ADV 33 12.75 inch: This glove has a sleek Navy Blue/White design. Manufactured using kip leather material the performance of this glove is unmatched.

Mizuno Prospect GPP1075Y2RY 10.75 in Youth Baseball Glove: This glove also has a great Blue/White design. With a Buttersoft palm liner this is a great glove for those new to the game

Using a blue glove will not only improve your performance, it will help you stand out on the ball field. These three gloves are just a few of the great blue gloves out there. So, if you are interested in buying yourself a blue baseball glove check out the Baseball Bargains website.

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