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Best Youth Wood Bat

Best Youth Wood Bat:

The Best Youth Wood Bat? An argument best settled by those that test each bat directly. But for all intents and purposes, let's dive into analyzing which models Google selects as the cream of the crop. [product_tag tags="best-youth-wood-bat" orderby="popularity"]

Google's Top Youth Wood Bats

A simple google hit of 'best youth wood bat will produce the following five book marked at the top of the search engine's browser:

Best Marucci Wood Bat Models:

CU26 Custom Youth Maple Bat:

The Marucci CU26 is a model designed after long time great all star and World Series champion infielder Chase Utley. Modified to meet the needs of the youth aged ballplayer, this bat rakes and is considered by many as the best Marucci wood bat for young players. A think handle and traditional nob headline large barreled bat handcrafted fop top-quality maple or ash. Bone rubbing helps harden the wood to the point of securing the utmost durability. Moreover, the custom youth model comes with a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter. In spite of this, the bat is so performance plus that it contains the power of barrels twice its size.

Marucci Albert Pujols Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat -- AP5YB:

Next the similarly modeled Marucci Maple Wood AP5 for youth ballplayers takes it's namsake from the likes of future first ballot hall of famer Albert Pujols. It's natural handle and black barrel finish are to die for. Moreover, this youth specific version offers a drop 5 length to weight ratio. This means a batter can obtain a balance between heavyweight and lightweight unlike what they would get from any other brand. Without having to swing a bat as heavy as the pros, they will get a feel for what it's like to have an all around heavier bat. And in affect, enhanced hand and muscle strength will follow suit. So, this may be the best Marucci wood bat for your youngster.

Additional Bookmarked Bats:


The BBCOR certified bamboo bat has potentially the most extreme pros and cons you can have. On the plus side it's a bat that even in it's smaller sized 29-inch, 23-oz model, will guarantee unprecedented power and acceleration as far as wood bats are concerned. But on the negative side, Bamboo bats are rarely certified for gameplay. This is because of the dangers they pose to unsuspecting fielders not prepared for such powerfully struck blasts. So if you invest in a Bamboo, make sure you permitted use of it in your leagues. And if not, it makes for ideal batting practice if you're about impressing onlookers by jacking one out of the ballpark.


The Louisville Slugger Genuine Maple Wood youth bat incorporates a cupped end. This ensures a harder piece of wood during construction. Additionally, the bookmarked WTLWYM125A16 model features an approximate drop 5 to drop 6 length to weight ratio.

Rawlings VELO Ash Wood Youth Baseball Bat (-7.5)

This NEW Youth Ash VELO -7.5 baseball bat also includes a 7/8" handle with an ultra thin tac-grip for an enhanced feel. With a larger hitting surface and increased sweetspot, Rawlings' Velo bats are best suited for players looking to maximize their swing speed while seeking a more balanced stick. These are just a few of the many youth wood bats to choose from. Purchase the one you believe will give your youngster the best shot at making it as far in the game as they desire.
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