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Best Youth Catchers Gear

Best Youth Catchers Gear

Protect your child with the best youth catchers gear. Out of all of the players on the team, the catcher arguably is the one at risk of injury. As the catcher, your child must be on guard against loose swings, fast pitches, and players sliding into home. When you want to keep your son or daughter safe while playing this position, you can start by investing in high quality catchers gear. [product_tag tags="best-youth-catchers-gear" orderby="popularity"]

Chest Protector Padding

The best youth catchers gear comes with padding to protect a young player's most vulnerable areas on the body. The catcher is in the  line of fire of fast pitches that can clock in as high as 100 miles per hour. Don't risk your child getting hit in the chest, stomach, or ribs with a fast ball. You can provide a key layer of protection with the best youth catchers gear that comes with chest padding. Since, the padding will absorb the shock of a loose ball, it will protect your child from injury. Therefore it is a wise to purchase a quality chest protector. The best youth catchers gear also comes with leg guards to protect your child's knees and shins during the game. A pitch in the dirt, a stray swing of the bat or a player sliding into home could easily inflict injuries. They could end up with deep bruises or scrapes. The shin guards will save your young catcher from injury while playing this vulnerable position.

Catchers Helmet Protection

Your young catcher's head and face are also at risk of injury behind home plate. A thrown bat, a fast pitch, or a sliding player could cause your own child to suffer head and face trauma from which recovery might be difficult. You can help your child avoid a concussion, cuts, bruises, and other injuries with the best youth catchers gear. This gear comes with a catchers helmet. So, he or she can carry out the important duties of the position without the worry of being hurt or suffering long-term trauma from playing this position.

Fit Is What Makes It Best

The best catchers gear for your youngster is not necessarily the most expensive gear.  Fit is most important aspect of catchers gear for young players.  The gear does not have to withstand a 100 mph fastball.  It needs to allow full freedom of movement. You may find that a very inexpensive  set is the best catchers gear for your child.
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