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BBCOR Baseball Bats

BBCOR baseball bats

It’s the question everyone seems too afraid to ask and most people pretend to know the answer to. What are BBCOR Baseball Bats? Most people remember the mass exodus from traditional composite bats a few years ago. As a result of more intuitive testing methods. And the subsequent waves it created at the upper levels of amateur baseball. The previous testing method performed on aluminum baseball bats was referred to as BESR, or Bat Exit Speed Ratio. Certification and measured the the ratio between the exit speed of the ball off the bat and the speed of the pitch at the point of contact. The issue with this method is that composite bats by design break in over time. And as a result will create faster exit speeds than those shown in the factories during testing. The resulting discrepancies in the long-term performance of the bat and the initial tests. Unfortunately led to a number of injuries and even fatalities as a result of diminished reaction time for defenders. [product_tag tags="bbcor-baseball-bats"]

Why Did They Change The Rule?

In order to better protect players, all -3 bats starting in 2011 would need to meet BBCOR certification. BBCOR, or Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution, measures the trampoline effect of the bat. That is, how responsive the barrel is to a baseball at the point of contact. This new emphasis on the barrel’s response is the result of a better understanding that the exit speed is not a solid determining factor in long-term performance of a bat. The BBCOR certification allows manufacturers to better understand how the bat will react on the first hit as well as the last. Before the BBCOR certification, composite barrels would flex slightly inward so the ball would hold on to some of its kinetic energy and result in longer and harder hit baseballs. Every BBCOR certified bat will feature a “BBCOR Certified .50” tag that ensures that it meets certification, has a weight ratio no larger than -3 and has with a barrel no larger than 2 5/8-inches. All of these features are part of conscious effort to make aluminum bats perform more like their wood counterparts in an attempt to get the game of baseball back to its humble roots.
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