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Baseball Shorts

Baseball Shorts

Baseball Shorts are a great way to be comfortable while practicing or just getting some hacks in. They make it easy to move and work on the motion of your lower body. Go to any hitting cage or inside baseball practice, everyone will be wearing shorts. It is a style that has taken over since it is the most comfortable way to practice. Even when the practice is outside, some players chose to wear shorts. It is just simply easier. Also, these shorts have a different style than the rest. They make from a different material that stretches and allows for movement. And, when your hitting, you want full mobility. Also, most baseball shorts are sweat resistant. As a result sweat will not build up in these shorts. This allows for all players to be as comfortable at the end of the workout as they were at the beginning of the grind. [product_tag tags="baseball-shorts"]

Mizuno, Rawlings and Easton Shorts

Many top companies make baseball shorts. This includes Mizuno, Easton, and Rawlings. Of course it does. These three companies have been providing baseball gear for many years. There is close to 300 years of experience between the group. They have all been able to perfect what a baseball company needs to be. To start, Mizuno offers shorts that revolutionize the game. They have lines called the comp game, elite workout, and the pro training. All three serve a purpose. The comp game or more angled towards fielding practice. No pockets, just shorts. Thus, they allow for full movement and let the player move how they want. The elite workout and pro training are more similar. Great for hitting practice or light work, these shorts let your hips move great and extend your knee. You need these movements in order to hit effectively. Easton shorts include their popular line called the spirit short. This line of Easton shorts includes a microfiber polyester that leaves you with a weightless feel. Although they do have weight, you won't feel it at all. This is great for running the bases, or even just running in general. It allows you to not be bogged down by extra weight you don't want to carry. They offer a ton of colors. Black, red, blue, royal blue, green, and maroon. This is great for all players as you can find shorts that fit your team best. It gives for a more authentic look. Rawlings has Rawlings training shorts. They are made from 95% Pro-dri fabric, and 5% spandex. This allows for a stretchy short material and for it to resist sweat from building up. Also, you can get a full amount of movement since it is 5% spandex.

Stay Sweat Free

It is no surprise that these companies use very similar materials for their baseball shorts. Clearly they know that this dri-fit like material is perfect for baseball. With spandex infused in all the shorts, you can feel light and have full mobility. Also, they feel very comfortable while you play. And, not to mention, they look great while you are in the cage.
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