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Baseball Shoes

Baseball Shoes

For every aspect of the game, baseball shoes can give you the ultimate advantage to out perform your opponents. For playing and training on any baseball terrain, we have it all. Most athletes just use one pair of cleats until they wear out and buy a new pair. You can extend the life of your baseball shoe wear by using multiple types of baseball shoes. Baseball games have been played on dirt, grass, clay and turf, now why use one pair for each type of terrain? Sounds like a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on one pair of shoes. So check out the selection of different types of Mizuno baseball shoes on our website. [product_tag tags="baseball-shoes" orderby="popularity"]

Types of Mizuno baseball shoes

A traditional baseball diamond consists of a grass infield with dirt ranging from the base line to the start of the outfield, also grass. All you need are regular rubber cleats, a 9-spike cleat would be a great fit. Dangerous but are far superior than rubber cleats, metal spikes tear p the competition. The ground penetration is much better, allowing for better traction and push off. You'll be scorching down the line with either one, you can really feel the extra push you get from having the spikes. Becoming increasingly popular, turf fields are taking over the baseball community. To add, turf is a tough material once laid down and you can't dig into it like you can with grass or dirt. Rubber studded, turf shoes grip without the need for puncturing the terrain. Lastly, for those indoor practices and winter workouts, we have training shoes for smooth surfaces. Giving you that extra boost in your step while optimizing training time. Made by one of the best in the industry, it's no wonder why these Mizuno baseball shoes have been so popular. Prepare for every home and away game this season. Come pick up a pair or three of these baseball shoes at baseball bargains.
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