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Baseball Shin Guards

Baseball Shin Guards

Baseball Shin Guards are essential to anyone's safety and success behind the. Your leg protectors will get hit more than any other piece of equipment you use during a game. Also, these shin guards will be responsible for saving your knees, as you put a lot of stress on them while catching. By bending down every single pitch, your knees take in a lot of abuse during a game. When baseball shin guards give extra padding on the knee, it really pays off in the long run. The extra padding eases your knee while crouching so don't exert that much stress on your knees. Some shin guards also offer knee savers which clip on a strap on the bottom of the leg and provide support to your knees. Many youth players can be seen wearing them as you don't want to mess up your knees early. [product_tag tags="baseball-shin-guards"]

All Star

Companies like All Star are on the rise in catching equipment, as they specialize in this area. They produce some of the best catchers gear and gloves available today. They have recently got together with Under Armour and produce some of their gear. But, All Star still makes some great gear for their customers. They have a great design for the knees as they use a triple knee system. This triple padding protects the knee joint and the top of the thighs from foul balls. After any game or double header, you can feel the difference as with the protection as there are less aches. They also have shin guards for a vary of sets that vary price as well. Their different prices are on the basis of the quality they make them with and the certain set it is a part of. All Star makes great shin guards.


Mizuno also has a niche of the catching market as they have a great set, the Samurai. The Samurai comes in all sizes from youth all the way up to adult. This is a huge success for Mizuno as all types of catchers can buy this awesome set. The Samurai baseball shin guards are amazing to add to any Mizuno set. These shin guards also have extra padding in the knee to make it easier on them. The extra padding has become the new norm, but make sure your set has them. It really does pay off in the long run. These shin guards vary in price, but the youth baseball shin guards sell for about $54. For a youth set of this quality, this is a great price and every player should consider these baseball shin guards.
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