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Baseball Molded Cleats:

Baseball Molded Cleats are a wonderful alternative to metal cleats. With molded, you won't have to worry about feeling too light or heavy on your feet. Moreover, molded means you have a cleat up to par with all cleat features, save the metal spikes. So you still attain the desired level of traction and burst anyone ballplayer deserves. But now, you won't be susceptible to skidding or violently falling on surfaces burdened by inclement weather. How many times can you remember your metal cleats getting stuck in the muddy infield dirt while you were trying to stretch a single into a double? The molded pair does not weaken in these conditions. It thrives. It will simply absorb the clumps of muddy dirt and continue to let you glide until you reach your destination. And if you need to slide into a base with force, no one can accuse you of "playing dirty" to reach it. Where a metal spike will often "cleat" the tagging fielder, the molded's will not. Red flags averted, and victory flags waved upon completion of the play.

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Molded Spikes for Baseball

Different baseball organizations have different rules about the type of cleats permitted for use, so always consult your league rules. Luckily, all game play accepts molded cleats. Thus, their versatility is literally off the charts. And if your team or league requires metal cleats, a rarity but not impossibility, it is certainly wise to have a molded pair on call. You never know what could happen with metal cleats. The spikes could fall out mid-game, or you could have accidentally lost them or left them behind. With a molded backup pair, you will transition right back into the game without letting up in preparation. It sure beats wearing someone else's metals that might not be the exact right size fit or style that you are most familiar with and comfortable in. 

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