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Baseball Mitts

Baseball Mitts

Many people struggle when trying to figure out what Baseball Mitts best for them. Here is a helpful guide that should lead you in the right direction. There are a ton of great companies that manufacture great mitts. Some of these companies include Wilson, Mizuno, and Rawlings. All three of these companies offer great products, some more cheap than others. When it comes to a baseball mitt, you have to find the one that fits you best. The company name shouldn't factor in until you are familiar with it. If you see other players using Rawlings Pro Preferred mitts, that doesn't mean you have to as well. I would advise going to a local sporting goods stores and trying on different baseball mitts until you find the features you want. Mitts are all about personal preference. [product_tag tags="baseball-mitts"]


To start, Wilson manufactures some great mitts. That includes lines like the A2000 and the A2K. What makes these mitts great is that they are built to last. These mitts can withstand any conditions, and will hold their shape for many seasons. The A2K is a top shelf mitt, as it is Wilson's premier series. Wilson welts the A2K three times thicker than the A2000, making it a very tough mitt. The A2000 gloves are nothing to laugh about. It is also a very tough mitt and can be found for a much cheaper price than the A2K. The A2000 uses a super skin on the back of the baseball mitts, and it makes for a cool look and lighter feel. Both of these mitts are very reliable and you will be able to get your moneys worth out of them.


Rawlings has three great lines of mitts seen at every game. These include the Pro Preferred series, Heart of the Hide, and Gold Glove. The Pro Preferred is the top shelf mitt that Rawlings offers and it is a great mitt. It is also a very tough glove that holds it shape and creates a deep pocket. The pocket is perfect for outfielders who need a deep pocket. The Pro Preferred is intended for a very serious player as i can be a little pricey. The Heart of the Hide mitts are very reliable mitt. These mitts use a soft leather that creates a great feel as you play. These mitts are great for serious players that are looking for a cheaper option. The Gold Glove is the most inexpensive mitt mentioned, but will do any player justice.


Lastly, Mizuno mitts. Mizuno offers a top shelf option as well, the Pro Limited. This mitt is made out of a great leather that will mold to your liking, and last you many seasons. This glove is one of the most expensive mitt on the market, but it is worth the money if baseball is very serious to you. They offer this mitt in all positions, making it available to all players. They also offer a Global Elite mitt that is better than some companies best mitts. Even though it isn't Mizuno's best glove, it is still a great option to all players. It just goes to show how good of a company Mizuno is and what they have to offer.

Choose the Right Mitt

After it all, you have to make a few decisions before you decide what path to take for your next glove. What features do you like? This will help you wire it down to a few companies or options. What are you willing to spend? This will bring you your options as each company makes each mitt differently, showing a difference in price. And lastly, is it your primary position? If it is intended for the position you play, don't be afraid to spend a little extra and get the glove you really desire, But, if it is for a secondary position you won't play every game, maybe save a little and don't get a top shelf mitt. There are many cheaper options that are excellent mitts.
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