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Baseball Helmet

Baseball Helmet

Choosing the right baseball helmet can be a tough job. You need to take many things into account. For example, you are still growing so you need to leave enough room, but it can't be too loose. Also, how much you are willing to pay for a baseball helmet. Last thing is how comfortable you feel and which brand you prefer. Many things can be spinning around your head, but hopefully this will simplify the process. [product_tag tags="baseball-helmet" orderby="popularity"]


You first need to decide what your price point is. Just like everything else, obviously the more expensive models are a little better quality and more comfortable. So, before you fall in love with a expensive product, only look at the helmets you are willing to spend the money on. Some great options for people in this scenario are All-Star, Demarini, and Easton. These three companies are top of the line baseball companies and make great inexpensive helmets. i know growing up, these were my options because I grew out of helmets in one to two seasons. If you are willing to go on the more expensive side, companies like Under Armour, Mizuno, and Rawlings should be in your sight. They make some great helmets which you don't even notice while hitting.


Being comfortable at the plate is vital to any at bat. If you aren't comfortable, chances are you won't get a hit. So, choosing between all of the available baseball helmet models is a very important task. A baseball helmet is not it's most comfortable when you put them on for the the first time. They require a little time to "break in". The interior foam will typically form to the shape of your head. So whenever you try on a helmet, know it won't be a perfect fit right away, but whichever feels best is the one. You should pick that one because that will have the shortest adjustment period which will lead to hits quicker. It can also be tricky to tell when your baseball helmet is too big. It is obvious instantly when it's too small because it won't be able to fit on your head. So, my favorite way to tell if it is too big is what I call the 'Shake Test.' When you put it on, shake your head back and fourth fast, if the helmets moves on your head a lot and shifts, it is too big. There should be a little movement so don't worry if that happens. This is the most efficient way to tell if it fits. Just think, when you're running around the bases, your head will be moving fast and the last thing you want is for your helmet to block your eyes. Don't worry about having your helmet fall off t0  look "fast", your safety is worth a lot more.


Safety is the number one priority when it comes to helmets. Anyone who has been hit in the head knows it can be a scary scene. But, it is good to know that your baseball helmet will protect you while your batting. It makes hitting a little bit easier. So, if your looking for a more protective helmet, Mizuno is the brand. Mizuno helmets cover a lot of your head and a little of the side of your face. People who want over-protection should go for Mizuno and maybe a jaw guard. If you want tough but not over-bearing, Under Armour, Rawlings, and Easton are the best options. All three of these helmets are very similar and are very comfortable to play in. Lastly, before you buy a helmet you need to weigh out your options. But, safety is the most important aspect when it comes to baseball helmets.
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