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Baseball Chest Protector

Baseball Chest Protector

Utilizing a baseball chest protector should be mandatory in a sport where balls can be seen flying over 100 mph. Failing to do so may result in health issues for the player, which in extreme cases can end one's career. Fractures are very common because the force that occurs on impact, driven by high speed, is more than a bone can handle. [product_tag tags="baseball-chest-protector"]


Usually built to protect one's heart area, these protective shirts can deaden serious impact. A very notable design characteristic is the spandex material that provides a snug fit. Also, the material in a baseball chest protector is a mesh-like that allows "cooling down". When you play games in extremely warm weather, heat exhaustion can occur. Nevertheless, while wearing the baseball chest protector, one will remain cool during the game or practice. Although perfect models do not exist, understanding what to look for can help obtain a model that will enhance the player's safety. This means that the individual will find a product that does not restrict their breathing or affect their motion while playing. Additionally, it will need to have flexibility in fit,. It should also use a high-quality light weight material. Finally, it should provide efficiency in safety. There are several models that meet those criteria. We carry at least three models.

Additional Benefits

Besides keeping an individual safe, these protectors will also enable one to perform slightly better. They do this by providing piece of mind. The player will have more confidence on the field. This allows the player to perform their best. A player that feels protected will be able to be more aggressive  since their can focus more on the game and their task at hand.

Choosing the Right Protective Shirt

Players, who do not normally wear a baseball chest protector, will need a period of time to adapt. Players need to ignore the slight discomfort during the first few weeks. This is because of the long term safety benefits. The most important benefit of the product is the players prolonged career. In addition, they will also be avoiding pain and injury. Check out the various models on our website.  We have models from Evoshield, All Star and G-Form.
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