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Baseball Chest Guard

Baseball Chest Guard

In the game of baseball injuries are a legitimate concern. With ball flying all around at rocket speeds, serious injuries can occur. There are many instances of ballplayers getting balls in the chest with balls and suffering serious injuries. This is why you need to wear a baseball chest guard (heart guard). A heart guard can prevent serious injury and even save your life. It is also very important to make sure that your heart guard fits correctly or it is as good as wearing nothing. Here is why you need to wear a guard and how to choose the right one. [product_tag tags="baseball-chest-guard" orderby="popularity"]


Heart guards need to be the right size to provide you with legitimate protection. There are many different types of heart guards so sizing can vary. Some heart guards have straps that hook around your body and place the guard over your undershirt. Others are compression shirts with built in compartments that either come with pads or the pads are built in. For the guards with straps it is important that it fits sung and covers the center of your chest. The snug fit helps the guard not move around when you are playing. The shirts also should fit snug, as they will need to go under your uniform and if it is not snug the force of the ball will not be absorbed the the fullest extent. Sizing of these guards is of the utmost importance.

Why You Need To Wear One: 

Wearing these heart guards is something that I would recommend to every ballplayer at every level. Especially for highly competitive levels or older leagues. This is because the old balls travel at greater speeds. Also, when you get to the later stages of little league it is basically playing in a serious older league. This is because these players are finishing up their years on a smaller field and many of them have already out grown it. Some little league pitchers throw pitches at speeds equivalent to those on the big field throwing 90 plus. Protection and your life after baseball are what is important in the long run. Purchase a baseball chest guard to help prevent injury. We have a great selection of these guards right here on the Baseball Bargains website. So, purchase your heart guard today and start playing the game with absolutely no fear.
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