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Baseball Catchers Helmet

A Baseball Catchers Helmet can be either an old-school, traditional two piece facemask or a modern hockey style mask. The latter is most common amongst youth and adults alike. Regardless, catchers helmets are specially designed to protect the players who man the most dangerous position on the ball field. When you sign up to become a catcher, you understand that there is a lot of crouching involved. But when you start playing the position year in and year out, you realize just how brutal the constant foul tips and backswings to the mask are. Therefore, you will want a premier helmet from a premier brand to ensure head protection at all times. [product_tag tags="baseball-catchers-helmet"]

Stay Protected

The ideal baseball catchers helmet is one that features a lightweight and durable shell. Nobody wants to purchase a new helmet with each passing year. Additionally, an adjustable jaw pad and strategic ventilation system within should make your helmet and all around protector, both of the facial region and from succumbing to hot summer weather. Additionally, EVA foam layered padding and NOCSAE standard certification are present in most helmets on the market.

Two Piece Mask vs. Hockey Style Helmet:

The one drawback of a two piece mask, in spite of its old school look, is the vulnerability of the ears. Whereas a Hockey style mask covers more surface area and protects more areas of the head. Moreover, it protects the areas of the neck that a foul tip can easily strike if you were instead wearing a Two Piece mask. But Hockey Style masks are not without fault either. They are less easy to remove, and require the more focus and attention from a catcher whose hearing and vision will be hindered by peripheral obstruction and thicker, larger steel caged masking. It does not matter which baseball catchers helmet you prefer. So as long as you know the benefits and disadvantages before purchase. What matters most is that you do not choose one blindly.
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