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Baseball Backpacks

Baseball Backpacks are the most convenient way to carry your gear to and from games. The bags are very similar to backpacks and sometimes are "batpacks". These bags also carry most of your stuff to games. The only players who won't be able to use a baseball backpack are catchers or players who carry catchers gear. Most of the top companies that manufacture baseball goods make baseball backpacks. It has become a huge market and everyone is jumping in on it. With the competition, the bags have become sleeker and less expensive. That is great for the consumer as you can get the best bag possible for you at a great price. There are many features to these bags and they can protect your very valuable gloves. Also, most have pockets that protect your valuables like phones and jewelry. Every player should try baseball backpacks. [product_tag tags="baseball-backpacks" orderby="popularity"]


The features to these bags are great. To start, the main pocket. This pocket will carry mostly everything you need for the field. It has space for your gloves and your batting gloves. Also, you can fit multiple gloves in this spot, so size usually isn't a problem. The helmet goes on the outside slot. There are straps on the outside of the bag that go over your helmet and secure it there. Most cover the top of the helmet so they are able to protect from scratching other other damages that may ruin the helmet. But, some of these backpacks have enough room in them for you to fit multiple gloves and a helmet on the inside which is ideal. Another great feature is the glove protector most companies have on their bags. The bags have a case at the bottom that protects the glove from getting crushed and ruining the integrity of the pocket.


The main reason these bags are so great is the avoiding of the aches and pains that come with a duffel bag. These bags spread the weight out evenly on your shoulders and don't just put all the weight on one of them. Nothing is worse. Also, the weight of the bag feels lighter as both shoulder and your back are supporting the weight. with three different parts of the body holding up the weight, it won't put a lot of pressure on you and your shoulders. You want to stay loose before the game and recover after. So, avoiding any unnecessary heavy lifting is key.
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