B45 Bats

B45 Bats

B45 Bats have become one of the best wood bats that the game has seen. And still, a lot of people haven't heard of them. This piece of lumber is an extremely durable bat that will last you a long time. Unless there is a pitch that jams you hard, you will get your money's worth out of this bat. with the different models and increasing number of MLB players using them, you should definitely give them a chance. These birch bats are incredibly dense and it is the reason so many top players are using it today. It has become one of the most popular bats on our website. The Canadian manufacturers have gotten it right when it comes to constructing these bats.  Along with the density, these bats have great balance. This combination of density and balance is rare, and that is why they have become so popular. [product_tag tags="b45-bats" orderby="popularity"]

Pro Stock Select B271

They have four models available on our website. The two most popular ones are the B45 Pro Select Stock B271 and the B243. The B271 is an all black model of their birch bats. They have Carlos Gonzalez, who is an All Star and pure hitter, who has become the ambassador of this bat. He gets so many hits using B45 bats now that everyone has become interested. With the high pricing wood bats have become, you want to buy one that will at least last you two seasons. This bat has unmatched density and will get that job done. Like previously mentioned, unless there is an unfortunate jam, this bat will do the job. With the density comes a great sweet spot. when you make contact with a ball, it is like that ball is coming off a metal bat. Beside the sound, no one would know it is wood.

Pro Stock Select B243

The B45 Pro Select Stock B243 has the stain birch look on top with the black handle. This bat is different from the B271 as it has a regular knob rather than a flared knob. The style of knob you prefer is totally personal preference so it comes down to what you like. This bat is also birch which is great to hear as it gives hitters more options as to what kind of wood bat they want. Most companies use maple and there isn't a lot of diversity in the wood bat industry. This is another reason to B45's success. There innovation and creating diversity in the market. again, this bat has great balance and will last you your season. Bottom line, get ahead of the crowd and start using a B45. It is one of the best bats out and will help your game.