All Star Intermediate Catchers Gear

All Star Intermediate Catchers Gear

Choosing catchers gear can be a tough thing to do. This is because catchers need gear they can trust to keep them safe behind the plate. Narrowing down your search for catchers gear can be tough, especially at the intermediate level. The intermediate level is particularly tough as ballplayers are growing and many ballplayers are on a different level. All Star intermediate catchers gear is as good as it gets. Here is why you should consider purchasing gear from this great brand.

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The All Star Brand:

When purchasing any baseball product doing your research on what brand it comes from is essential. This is because when you purchase catchers gear from a great brand the gear will definitely be of a high quality. All Star has been around the game of baseball for a long time and they have continuously satisfied their consumers. All Star has received much attention from the pros because of their pristine catchers gear. Pro ballplayers including John Lucroy use All Star catchers gear out on the field. If John Lucroy uses All Star why not you? Be sure to check out the extremely popular All Star system 7 catchers gear.

All Star Intermediate Catchers Gear:

Allstar Players Series Catchers Set CK1216PS Ages 12-16: Priced at $169.95. Features: This gear is specially designed for teenagers to use. This set has a headGear helmet which has been strengthened with an impact resistant a molded ABS plastic shell. Also, the chest protector includes built-in sternum plates and multi-layer foam padding to ensure you are safe on the field. The leg guards use shock-resistant plastic, and have full wing padding which will prevent you from becoming injured.

If you are looking for a higher quality set of gear, check out the All Star System 7 catchers gear intermediate. It provides many additional protection and comfort features not found on the player series gear. Here on the Baseball Bargains website we have a wide variety of All Star intermediate catchers gear to choose from. So, stay safe on the field and purchase yourself one of these great sets of gear today!