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All Star Catcher's Mitt

All Star Catcher's Mitt

The All Star catcher's mitt is designed for agility and performance behind home plate. Using all-natural leather, some of their mitts are available in both right-hand and left-hand throw styles. All Star also makes the catcher's mitt in both youth and adult sizes. Made from real steer hide, the most popular All Star catcher's mitt spans 33.5 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. Its soft leather design makes it pliable and comfortable. You can maneuver it easily around the plate. The All Star catcher's mitt also features hand stitching. The black leather stitching contrasts the light tan leather of the mitt. The combination gives the All Star catchers glove models a sporty and upscale look. The CM3000 All Star catcher's mitt is designed for long-lasting performance and durability. It will not shrink or rot from exposure to water. It is easy to break in and can last you for many years with proper care. [product_tag tags="all-star-catchers-mitt"]

All Star Catchers Glove

People who have used the CM3000 all star catcher's mitt tend to give it high reviews. They report that this pro level glove has a soft feel, yet is very durable.  These All Star catchers gloves last for many seasons. It also features an open back and latch wrist for easy and secure wearing. The Velcro wrist fastener keeps the mitt in place. It also provides a custom fit.The open back allows the catcher to place his or her forefinger for easy maneuvering. The catcher is an important member of the baseball team. They need to be ready to catch fast-paced pitches,  secure foul tips, and make plays at the plate.. A well-made catcher's mitt can be your best resource behind home plate. You can get the performance and protection you need with the steer hide leather in All Star's catcher's mitt. So,check out the All Star catchers glove models that many professionals rely on.
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