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All Star Catchers Gear

All Star Catchers Gear

All Star Catchers Gear is top of the line equipment that can be seen all over the Major Leagues. That is All Star.  Their System Seven Series is the most popular to date. The All Star Catchers Gear is top of the line. Players will see the majority of major league catchers use All Star equipment. This in itself can be a selling point for some customers. But, for the customers that want reasoning for their purchases, All Star gives a multitude of excellent features to sell their product. All Star's main focus is catchers and providing them with the best equipment possible. This is why they are constantly leading sales charts. [product_tag tags="all-star-catchers-gear"] All Star Catchers Gear fits all the needs of elite catchers. It provides catchers with great style, great protection, and great mobility. These three features are necessary for all catchers to love a catchers set. Their style is iconic and it can always be recognized because of its popularity. Its mask features an I-Bar Vision steel cage, a high impact resistant ABS plastic shell with a larger forehead thickness, a backplate for keeping the snaps on and breathable. It also features a 3D mesh padding liner. It also features a larger field of vision and doesn't hinder protection. The chest protector is lighter and deadens the ball on impact for better protection. It perfectly fits around the body on the chest protector for great mobility.

The AllStar Catcher Gear Difference

The mobility that you have works so you can move faster around the plate for the benefit of your team. Because of this players are more likely to be able to get to passed balls. This is a key feature to catchers. They need to be able to move around with ease, so the best option is obviously the gear that will allow you to move around the most. The All Star Catchers Gear is easily the best on the market and is worth the money.
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