Akadema Fastpitch Series Softball Gloves

Akadema Fastpitch Series Softball Gloves

Fastpitch series softball gloves feature designs and patterns which help to elevate the game of ambitious softball players. Gloves like these have durable leather builds from the pocket to the webbing, which help to make them last longer. The Akadema Fastpitch Design Series, for example, uses a combination of steerhide and Akadema-Lyte leather for a lighter feel. In addition to a lightweight feel, this helps to make the glove game-ready with a faster break-in. Each glove is made with its own unique webbing that is specific to position. Akadema's Fastpitch Design Series features webbings like a Single-Post Double-T web, which provides a deep pocket. Its two-post bracing also gives the glove additional support and strength.

All Star Fastpitch Series

Catchers Mitts

Another example of a great series that features this is All Star's fastpitch  Series catchers mitts.  The mitts in this series feature a B-Hive Web which provides great flexibility and control. Players looking for gloves to help them play to the best of their ability have come to the right place. Baseball Bargains has everything the aspiring  softball player needs for a great game. Pick up one of these superb mitts today!

Catchers Gear Sets

The All Star fastpitch catchers sets come in three sizes.  They are very affordable fastpitch catchers gear sets. They are ideal for a catcher starting out in the position.  The sets also come with a complete set of Allstar catchers gear.  The set includes a catchers helmet, catchers leg guards and a chest protector.  All three sets match to the proportions of female catchers. Therefore, females no longer have to wear male equipment.  The All Star fastpitch series catchers gear is built with the female in mind. If you play fastpitch softball, you no longer have to convert gear to accommodate your needs.  There are gloves, bats and catchers equipment all for use by female players.  So, be sure to check out  our entire selection of fastpitch softball equipment.