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Akadema Catchers Mitts

Akadema Catchers Mitts are one of the best in the game of baseball. There are a couple of options, but their Praying Mantis design is their most iconic. This design is featured in a few of their different series. The reason for this is because it is simply a design that works. You can use all of the different leathers that you want, and still, have success with the Praying Mantis design. So, what exactly is the Praying Mantis design? The Spiral-Lock web of the design in order to keep the ball secure when the ball hits it. This shows the greatness of the design because securing the ball is the last step of catching a ball, so this glove helps finish the job. Many times catchers think they catch the ball, but then can't secure it. As you can tell this great design helps players succeed on the field and not let their team down. Letting your teammates down is one of the worst feelings in sports, so make sure that happens as little as possible. This will happen with Akadema catchers mitts, as you have the ability to secure any pitch that comes your way. Also, there are other options from Akadema that are just as good for players to catch the ball. So, take a look at all of the options that you have within this great company and find the best one for your game. CLICK HERE to see the full Collection of Akadema Catchers Mitts!


The Akadema brand is one of only a few brands that produce their products in America. So, if this is a big deal to you, come check out Akadema. This shows that their excellent quality as well and that you can rely on Akadema. So, come to the Baseball Bargains website and find your gem today.

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