1st Base Glove

1st Base Glove

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Choosing a 1st base glove can be a very difficult thing to do. This is because there are so many different options to choose from. One aspect to consider when choosing a 1st base glove is the brand. Buying your glove from a reputable brand is very important. This is because when you purchase a glove from a great brand, that product will definitely be of high quality. Some of the best brands for 1st base gloves are Mizuno, Rawlings, and Wilson. These brands all have long standing reputations of manufacturing some of the best gloves in the game. Thus, anybody on the market for a new glove needs to consider these brands. [product_tag tags="1st-base-glove"]


Mizuno has been in business since 1906 and they have some of the best 1st base gloves around. Using top of the line materials and technologies Mizuno 1st base gloves will not dissapoint. Some of their best 1st base gloves are... Mizuno Pro Limited GMP300JBK 13: This glove is absolutely the best glove Mizuno has to offer. Using Japanese tanned premium leather this glove is both very durable and high performing. Mizuno Classic Pro Soft GXF28S2 12.5: This glove is great for competitive ballplayers. This glove uses speed drive technology to allow players to move as quick as possible.


Rawlings opened their doors in 1887 and they also have some of the best 1st base gloves around. Their 1st base gloves are so good that many pros choose Rawlings to provide them with their gloves. Some of these pros include Paul Goldschmidt and Chris Davis. Here are the best 1st base gloves Rawlings has to offer... Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSFM20C 12.25: This glove is the best Rawlings has to offer. Using  Pittard Sheepskin Palm Lining this glove is great for the Summer months as moisture will be wicked away by this material. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRODCTJB 13: Used by Paul Goldschmidt this glove is one of the best in the game. This glove uses Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces to make it one of the most durable gloves in the game.


Lastly, Wilson creates great 1st base gloves. Wilson has a great team of glove designers and manufacturers to guarantee the best product around. Due to the excellence of Wilson products utility player Allen Craig uses their gloves at first base. Some Great Wilson first base gloves include... Wilson A2K 2800 WTA2KRB162800: This is a great glove for highly competitive ballplayers. The Pro Stock Leather used to create this glove is one of the best you can find. Wilson A2000 MC24 WTA20RB16MC24GM: This is also a great glove for competetive ballplayers. Coming with a DriLex Wrist Lining this is a great glove for those hot Summer games. Good luck in your search for a 1st base glove. So, check out the Baseball Bargains website for a great selection.