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12 Softball Glove

12 Softball Glove

Become an all star defensive player this season with a size 12 softball glove! With a size 12 softball glove you'll be a vital part of your teams fielding, making any play look easy from any position. Coaches will see that they can utilize you at any position with a hot hand and a glove that can handle it all. Therefore, put it in your shopping cart for the next season. [product_tag tags="12-softball-glove"]

Why Choose a Size 12 Softball Glove?

To start, size 12 softball gloves are an ideal size for any position. Infielders love the extra leeway they have chasing hard grounders or making leaping plays for a blooper into the outfield. Its small plays like that, which get runs in and keep you further from victory. Outfielders can't get enough of the range and protection from size 12 gloves. With larger pockets and a great body, its easy to snag pop fly's and line drives without becoming too flimsy. Overall,  a size 12 softball glove makes for a great companion on the diamond. In addition, size 12 softball gloves are very comfortable and have a strong body which consist of padding and quality leather. Softballs have a large surface area and can sting your hands on impact. Padding on the hands and fingers makes pop fly's and line drives easy to handle, especially with a larger pocket. With that unmatched comfort and protection, you'll feel great playing and get more skilled as you get to know you size 12 softball glove. Now with all this padding and sturdy body, it must be awfully heavy. But that's not true at all, in fact it only weighs around one pound! To conclude, its a quality piece which will last many seasons, light weight and super comfortable. Seems like its no contest, so come to baseball bargains and try on our size 12 softball gloves today!
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