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Catchers Helmet

All catchers feel that having a great catchers helmet is crucial when they tak their position behind the plate. When choosing catchers equipment, players are somewhat flexible when selecting leg guards and a chest protector. However, when a catcher is picking out his catchers helmet, he or she tends to be a lot selective.  Because of this catchers venture out and buy the mask that fits their specific needs. Comfort is the primary aspect that all catchers are looking for.  Wearing  an uncomfortable helmet for an entire game is distracting and painful.  You can't play your best unless you are comfortable behind the plate. So, choosing a well padded catchers mask provides both comfort and protection.

   There are many different features to a catchers helmet that provide comfort. Catchers hate overheating behind the plate, so companies put great ventilation systems in there helmet to help cooling during the summer months. Catchers feel utter relief when they feel a nice breeze of wind run through their neck and head. Helmets feature strategically placed vents for the best cooling areas on the head so catchers do not overheat. The padding that manufacturers put into their helmets lead to extreme comfort. It's almost like a massage on your head all the time. Companies make their equipment so comfortable that catchers do not even want to take their helmets off. This is another great factor in picking a new helmet. All of these factors are important in finding the perfect catchers helmet for you. Check out our selection below.

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