Rawlings Velo SL712 (-12) vs. Easton Mako JBB16M (-12) Youth Baseball Bats In this article we compare two of the best youth baseball bats on the market today: The Rawlings Velo SL712 and the Easton Mako JBB16M. Both of these bats are produced by legendary companies and bring with them all quality you would expect. Easton Mako JBB16M Youth Baseball Bats Rawlings Velo SL7V12 vs Easton Mako JBB16M Youth Baseball Bats Both the SL712 and JBB16M have a weight drop of -12. This means that the length of the bat is 12 inches longer than the weight of the bat in ounces. So for instance, both of the SL712 and JBB16M come in the size of 28 inches and 16 ounces. It is important, regardless which bat you choose, to pick a bat that is not going to be too heavy. The main difference between these two youth baseball bats is that that the Mako JBB16M is a one-piece design and the Rawlings Velo is a two-piece design. The Mako JBB16M has the one-piece meaning that it is one continuous piece of metal that finishes with a special IMX Advanced Composite Barrel and one of the largest sweet spots Easton has ever put in a youth bat. The handle is shaved extra thin to give smaller hands better control through the hitting zone. The Rawlings Velo SL712 is built in two-pieces and fused together in the center of for increased balance. The two-piece design helps create 'whip' through the hitting zone while decreasing the amount of vibration players feel in the handle. For a youth baseball bat, the SL712 has all of the flash and flare of the expensive adult bats with a sweet spot that is larger than ever before. One thing is true for both of these youth baseball bats - balance. Whether you like one-piece or two, both of these bats will supply the balance young players need at the plate.


Both of these youth baseball bats comes with in top-of-the-line grips as well. The improved grip helps increase confidence at consistency at the plate. I would give the slight edge to the Mako JBB16M in terms of grip but both youth baseball bats supply terrific comfort in the handle.

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